The ICL has various bodies responsible for developing ideas, making decisions and carrying out work:

Congress: Every five years, the ICL sections participate in a congress which is the ICL’s highest decision-making body. The congress carries out an analysis of the international situation, plans the work areas of the ICL and makes necessary changes to the statutes. The first congress took place in Parma, Italy in 2018. The next Congress will take place in Germany in 2023.

ICL Secretary: The secretary is the public and legal representative of the ICL. If you have any question or requests, the contact the secretary. The secretary calls the congress and referendums and coordinates the work of the liaison committee. A liaison committee member holds this position, which rotates between the sections every two years.

Mahmoud Homsi from the FAU is the current Secretary. Email:

Treasurer: The treasurer is responsible for the finances of the ICL. This position is held for a 5-year term.

Liaison committee: the ICL’s liaison committee is made up of one representative of each of the ICL sections. They ensure the flow of communication and facilitate collaboration among the sections. The liaison committee carries out the agreements of the congresses and referendums and implements the ICL’s work areas. The liaison committee can create working groups to complete its tasks and shoulder responsibility for certain areas.

North and Eastern Syria Working Group: This group is the point of contact for matters related to North and Eastern Syria. They are responsible for making contacts in the region and neighboring countries relevant to the revolution in northeastern Syria. They collect information about the revolution and its current course as well as coordinating and organizing donation and solidarity campaigns.

Asia Working Group: This group is our point of contact for Asia. They are responsible for developing contacts in that region as well as promoting the exchange of information between those contacts and the ICL sections. They also facilitate union education and provide practical solidarity in addition to organizing and coordinating international campaigns in support of worker’s struggles in Asia. Email:

Americas Working Group: This group is our point of contact for the Americas. Based on the principles of the ICL, they seek to develop solidarity and internationalism, class struggle, horizontality, federalism and class independence on the American continent.

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