FORA · Why the feminist strike?

This March 8th with the comrades of the Gender Commission adhered to the S.R.O.V Capital we consider it`s necessary to raise the flag of the struggle of women, girls, lesbians, transsexuals and transvestites1 from all over the world...

IWW · Strike Against Patriarchy!

As in many countries with a Christian cultural background the reproductive rights of women in Ireland had been extensively curtailed. So much so, that what was tantamount to an abortion ban had been included in the country’s constitution,...

8th March, global strike

Also for 2019, as USI-CIT, we strongly relaunch the 8th March general strike on workplaces. A strike that we deem necessary to undermine oppression and gender violence, in a society still pervaded by strong discrimination and sexism despite...

FAU · Strike Against Patriarchy!

In recent years, women have been taking to the streets again and again to protest against violence and oppression, restrictions on their reproductive rights, prevailing inequalities and discrimination. Italy, Argentina, Poland, South Korea and the US have seen...

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